Solar Charge Controller

Charge controllers, which protects battery from over charging and/or excessive discharge are the essential components of Solar PV systems. SSP introduces professional Solar Charge Controllers using the most innovative and state of the art Charge controllers,which protects battery from over charging and/or excessive discharge.

The solar charge controller uses PWM charging technology, so that as the battery reaches full charge, the PWM pulses slower, gradually tapering off the charge. Pulsing is good for the batteries since it gently mixes the electrolyte, preventing stratification and sulphation. Low voltage disconnect protects the batteries from severe discharge by shutting off loads before the battery voltage drops to damaging levels.

Solar Charge Controller upto 20AMp

12 Volt
10 AMP
12 / 24 Volt
20 AMP
12 / 24 Volt

Solar Charge Controller upto 40 AMP

40 AMP
48 Volt
50 AMP
96 Volt